Thursday, June 19, 2008

Uncle & Aunt Insanity

This evening, after baths, my brother Kevin and my sister in law, Kelly, dropped by. Jason was helping them out with something, so it was a short visit of just a little over an hour. Well, I don't know what it is about them, but it makes my children turn into maniacs. Kevin and Kelly don't rile them up - instead my kids take their presence and use it to their advantage and run around like they are dosed up on liquid crack. And I know it wasn't just this evening, Kevin came by a few weeks ago around the same time and they were carrying on like it was Christmas Eve.

Although I will say this, my brother in law, Jeremy, came by for a bit on Friday and he is quite a mellow guy. But, the kids took his visit as a reason to be completely insane. They do the oddest things when certain people come by - I just don't get it.

This evening, they were rolling and hopping on the couch like Mexican jumping beans (something we are usually pretty strict about) and Caroline finally wore out my patience when she started throwing around chalk. She has never thrown around chalk any other time. But even a few minutes in time out, while it calmed her down for a few minutes, didn't sustain any behavior. It wasn't until Kevin and Kelly departed that you could even really get them to follow any directions.

Here's hoping that the hour or so of intense energy expulsion will yield a quiet rest of our evening. Although you'd think that after Bryce threw a 90 minute tantrum tonight that he would have already been worn out by the time they arrived, but little kids must have an extra supply of energy for such occassions.

So right now, I'd say that if you really want to see my kids excited, just come by when Kevin/Kelly or Uncle Jer is here. They are pretty happy when other aunts/uncles visit, but there is something about our youngest brothers that seems to charge them up.

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