Monday, June 09, 2008

Turquoise shirts, pregnant women, SATC, & mom talk

Katie and I met up for the 11am show of Sex and the City yesterday morning and then had a nice lunch across the street afterward. I am totally indebted to her for coming up to my side of town on such a hot day! We were both shocked how many people were there for an 11am show, mostly women, and I couldn't believe how many women in late pregnancy were in that showing too - me included! Guess it's just the cool thing to do! It was also funny because upon arriving at the theatre, Katie and I both noticed we were kind of wearing the same thing - a turquoise v-neck t-shirt and khaki bottoms. Of course, I was the one w/ the overly large belly, so there was no mistaking us for twins although I'm sure people wondered if we had planned it.

Anyway, the movie was fab! If you loved the show, you'll like the movie. Totally stayed true to form and left you with the same great feeling you had when the series ended. I really liked the casting of Jennifer Hudson as Carrie's assistant too and wasn't expecting such a great fit for her in that film. Definitely a great film to share with a fellow SATC fan friend!

But what's funny is that Katie and I planned to have lunch afterwards and even though we'd come out of a movie we both really liked, we didn't mention it once in our lunch time convo. We had way too much other important stuff to chat about - you know, like our lives as moms. I swear, those 2 hours passed quicker than I could believe and I was sad when it was approaching 4pm and we both realized we needed to get home to our husbands and kids.

I also realized how much I needed that time. I couldn't really remember the last non-kid time I'd spent with a friend. It was so nice to just sit and talk and to feel normal about the stuff you're doing with your kids. Being a mom can be so isolating sometimes because you worry that what you're feeling or doing with your family is wrong/weird and when you really have the chance to sit down and talk with another mom in the same stage of it as you, you finally feel slightly rational again.

Katie and I were close friends in college and then drifted as our lives went in different directions. Somehow though when we were both becoming moms for the first time, our paths crossed again and the bonding over food allergies, tantrums and sleep deprivation began! So thanks Katie for a great afternoon and I hope we don't have to wait 3 more years for another non-kid outing! I hear they are planning a SATC sequel, but I hope it's not that long before we get out together again!

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Katie said...

SATC sequel? I'm there! I had a great time too!!