Monday, June 30, 2008

Too Tired to Blog

Yes, I know, being 37 weeks pregnant would put me on baby watch, wouldn't it? I honestly can't believe I'm there. Jason is in his cute nervous dad phase about me going into labor at any time but I really would be willing to put money on the fact that this baby will stay put until my induction date. I've been through this before and found that most of my pre-labor stuff I've experienced really didn't mean a whole lot in terms of me going into labor before 40 weeks.

But I finished almost all of my baby chores up over the weekend. I finished sewing the 2nd swaddling blanket, got all of her clothes washed and put away, and the nursery is pretty well stocked and ready to receive. I think about the only thing that I haven't done is pack my bag. I know, bad, right? Although I did make a mental list in my head the other night as I lay there having some sporadic contractions wondering if my water would spontaneously break. I think I'll plan to do that tomorrow night since the kids are going to spend the night at my mom's and I'll have some extra down time.

While it's difficult getting myself up every morning at 6am to come into work, at least once I'm here, I'm busy and the days go fairly quickly. I'm planning to work through next Friday but we'll take each day as it comes. I know I stopped working in my 38th week with Bryce and while it was nice to not drag myself to work, I was kind of bored at home and just had to sit and look at my swollen feet and ankles. That really will be a big determining factor in how long I work - how long before I swell up. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that maybe I'll avoid some or all of it this time. I KNOW I was swelling by this point with Bryce. I can feel it a little bit in my hands and feet, but it's barely noticeable by looking at me. Let's keep it that way - I don't need to feel bigger than I already feel.


Amy Anderson said...

Yay for being full term!! I was all excited for a few weeks of alone time before Carter came, but he made his appearance 3 days after I stopped working. So much for that idea!

I hope, for your sake, that you go earlier than expected and you don't have to be induced, and that you have a nice, 8 lb baby. :-)

Katie said...

Do you want to spontaneously go into labor?? Or are you happier with having a controlled induction?

Erika said...

K, there are benefits to both although after being induced twice, I'm not sure I'd know I was in labor right away - unless my water broke. But to keep my sanity, I'm not even letting myself consider that I'll go early. It would be nice, but if I think that way, I'll end up grumpy.

But having 2 kids already, I could use an early labor so my kids can have their mom back - or at least start to.

Bracken said...

Can't believe the time is near! I hope it goes smoothly for you. I know you have handled induction very well, so a third one is no big deal, but it might be kind of nice to have it naturally over and have her sooner than later:>:> Any which way it goes, I know you will be happy to see that little girl!