Wednesday, June 04, 2008

She Better Be Clean!

A friend of mine had her 3rd child on June 1st. She already has a son that is about Caroline's age and a daughter that is about Bryce's age, so last night, I decided to show the kids some pictures of the new baby and the new family of five. They were VERY interested in these pictures particularly since it's a family very much like ours. They really liked seeing the pictures of the new baby and the big brother and sister meeting the baby for the first time. However, Bryce had a problem. See, in the first few pictures of the new baby, the baby is still covered in vernix and Bryce was not impressed. In fact, he kept asking about why the baby was "dirty" and what was wrong.

I explained that that all babies are covered in that stuff when they were born and that after a bath, it comes right off. Also, that it protects the baby's skin in mommy's belly and that they had it on their skin when they were born too. They seemed to understand, but Bryce made it VERY clear that baby sister was to have a bath before he came to meet her for the first time because he did NOT like "goop" on a baby.

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Amy said...

I'm with Bryce. That's how I felt too. Thankfully Carter came out mostly clean. :-) I wanted nothing to do with the goop.