Thursday, June 19, 2008

Pregnancy Quote of the Day

Yesterday I was in the common area in my office and saw something was going on in the conference room. I peeked in just to see who was in there (it was clearly a meeting that hadn't started yet) and two older faculty members, both women, were sitting there. Obviously you can't miss my maternal state right now, but really, did it warrant this?

The one woman takes one look at me and says,

"Oh my goodness, there's another pregnant one. When are you due? TOMORROW?????"

Um, thanks. And she said it in a kind of obnoxious tone. Of course, I just replied, "Nope, 4 more weeks."

There are so many nicer things you can say to a pregnant woman or at least say them in a nicer way. She could have asked when I was due or made some other more conversational comment. People really have no filter sometimes and I'd be willing to bet that this woman has children and grandchildren of her own so it's not like she'd never seen a pregnant woman before. I'm not mad - just amazed at the weird things people will say to a complete stranger.

The only redeeming thing was that as she said it another older woman who works in another part of my office was walking by and she said, "These girls seem to carry their babies so well these days." So that's the comment I'm going to choose to remember.

Guess that will teach me to not look into a conference room if I'm not a part of the meeting.


BJ said...

That second comment is definitely the one to remember! I do wish people would think before they open their mouth.

Katie said...

Yeah, that was rude. Some people don't think before they speak. I'm sure she realized this and said the 2nd comment.

It reminds me of SaTC when they go to Atlantic City and someone says something rude to Miranda and the gals respond by asking the rude person when *HE* was due and if *HE* was having triplets. That always made me laugh.