Saturday, June 07, 2008

Operation "Sleep a Little Later"

We decided to give something my MIL had mentioned a try last night/this morning and oh my gosh, it WORKED! See, my kids are a bit on the early riser side and while this is okay during the week, on the weekends, it's painful for us. They are always up before 7am, but often earlier. So, last night, I suggested we try something that Jason's mom used to do with him and Kelly when they were aroud Caroline and Bryce's age. She would leave cups in the fridge for them and then would come downstairs and turn on the TV so she and my FIL could sleep a little later.

So last night we instructed the kids that we would leave a cup for each of them on the bottom shelf of the fridge with a sticky note saying whose was whose. (They are VERY into the assigning of things - so a BIG C and B for each cup.) Then, we told them that when they wake up, as long as the sun is up, that they could just go down, get their cup (which they are not to take out of the kitchen) and then turn on the TV. We went over the importance of making sure the fridge was closed and that all they had to do was turn on the big button on the TV because we would leave the channel turned to Playhouse Disney.

We held our collective breaths and hoped for the best. Bryce woke up at 2am calling for daddy in a very happy tone and Jason said he just wanted to know where everyone was - but back to sleep for him. Then again before 6am, he crawled into bed with us, but Jason told him it was too early and put him back in bed and he went back to sleep. Then, sometime before 7am, we kind of heard them quietly padding down the steps but without bugging us and Jay and I both pretty much slept on. About 7:30, our rude neighbor started his lawn mower and weedwacker, so that woke me up but I laid in bed listening for the kids. I was already so proud! They understood!

I went down first and there they were, laying each under their fleece blanket (that they'd gotten out themselves!) watching TV and their cups were still in the kitchen. They also each had the "C" and "B" note in their hands that Jason had put next to their cup in the fridge. To say I was overjoyed would be an understatement. We weren't looking to sleep until noon, just a little later and it was much appreciated.

My kids are getting so big. I'm just beside myself!


Katie said...

YAY for you!!!! That is a major accomplishment. Now if only you can leave a note and sippy cup out for your noisy neighbor to keep him quiet a little longer.

H. said...

WOW, that's great! I read in Parents magazine to put a post-it over the minutes on a digital clock and then write the number of the hour on it...when the numbers match (number on clock and number on post-it) the child knew it was OK to get out of bed. For example, if you don't want them out of bed until 7AM, then you would cover the minutes with a post-it and write a big 7 on it...when the clock matches the post-it the kids can get up....not sure it would work for everyone, but I am keeping that idea in mind for future use too!