Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Oh girl! 34 Weeks!

Well, back from my 34 week OB appointment - hard to believe I'm there already. Didn't get my fave medical assistant, but the one who I wasn't particularly enthused by last time, was actually much nicer this time. I'm up about 2 more lbs and measuring right on. So my big question for the midwife, was I measuring right on with my other two pregnancies since I've been measuring right on with this baby.

Turns out, with Caroline I was back and forth - sometimes right on, sometimes ahead. But with Bryce I was spot on, EVERY TIME! So according to my midwife, I "hide" my big babies! (K, I think you hid it with Lucy too!) So a 39 week induction is still in the plans even though we can't schedule it until 38 weeks. My midwife told me that if I'm concerned, she could order an ultrasound for size, but I know they aren't always accurate and given that I've had no issues w/ my inductions previously and 39 weeks is fine with me. She said she's not concerned but let me know that if I was, she'd give me that additional peace of mind.

I also asked about the pace of induction since the past two times, they've hooked me up to the pitocin for HOURS and I barely felt a single contraction and hardly made any dilation progress until they broke my water. I asked if I'd be required to sit through that long wait again and she said, that if I come in with very good dilation again (I was almost 5cm with Bryce!) that she'd be okay w/ breaking my water and let things get moving a little faster. Nice to know! Not that I'm trying to rush my delivery, but why prolong it for no reason? Of course, every L&D is different, so I'll go with the flow too. And I don't know yet who will be delivering me, so that can make a difference too.

So my next appointment is in 2 weeks - 36 weeks! Eek! I have stuff I've GOTTA do. Wash nursery linens, find a place for all those darn baby books we pulled out of Caroline and Bryce's bookshelves, wash the 3-6 month clothes from Caroline (not that I'll need them, but they are sitting in a pile and need to be washed!), finish sewing the baby's 2nd swaddling blanket, and finish my various work projects. This is all going too too fast!

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Katie said...

Oh you are SO hiding a 9 lb'er in there. She must be curled up tight or something b/c you don't look like you are a day past 6 mos prego. Glad things are going well. She'll be here so soon!