Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Little Alien

I just had to post this picture because I love it so! We were at Jason's aunt's on Saturday for the 50th Anniversary surprise party for Jason's grandparents and we took advantage of her beautiful pool and patio on a very hot day. I had purchased each of the kids an inexpensive pair of goggles that morning knowing they probably wouldn't be totally waterproof, but that they'd enjoy them and keep the splashes out of their eyes if they wanted.

Well, Bryce LOVED his. He wore them almost the entire time he was in the pool. And coupled with the water shoes, swimmies and his expression, I just think he looks like a little alien in this shot. Makes my heart melt...

And for any other moms out there of little kids that fall a LOT (like Bryce) water shoes are the BEST. We didn't think to take them on Friday evening down to the pool club and Bryce stubbed his toe after about 5 minutes in the pool area. And not just a stub - a BLOODY, toenail chipped stub. EW! So he wore them the whole day at Jay's aunts and they were VERY helpful since he gets in and out of the pool so often.

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