Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Ms. Butterfingers

Oh my gosh, it's terrible. I cannot keep a hold on ANYTHING. If I pick it up, I'm probably going to drop it. And then have to bend alllllll the way back down and pick it up. Ugh. What is the deal?? I don't remember having this bad of a case of the "dropsies" at the end of my other pregnancies. It's like my hands are trying to thwart the rest of my body. Quite evil, actually. At the time when you least want to have to get down and pick something up, your body is rebelling and trying to make life just a little bit harder. I swear, I think the floor has gotten lower. Anyone else?

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Heather said...

Oh yes, I could not hold onto anything at the end with Gretchen. I got very good at picking things up with my toes! Ha! You're almost there...hang tight!