Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I'm NOT a Freak Show

Okay, so I will admit, yes, I'm a bit hormonal these days and I'm grumpy, so it probably amplifies this, but here goes...

I am soooooooo tired of being treated like some kind of walking freak show at work. While I never mind when the people that I know really well ask me how I'm feeling/doing, I'm soooooooo sick of people that I barely know commenting, asking how I'm doing and making pregnancy small talk. They usually see me, look down at the belly, and then ask. Ugh. I know it's just polite conversation, but I know once I'm not pregnant anymore they won't really say much other than a hello. Which is fine with me. I'm tired of answering their questions over and over and many are the same questions from the same people. Quit being nosy and move on. I'm FINE.

Like I said, from friends, family and coworkers who I have regular conversations with, it doesn't bother me one iota. We have mutal relationships aside from my pregnancy and we'll continue to have a relationship after this baby is born. I'm just so tired of the "stop and gawk at the pregnant woman" moments. I'm at the point where I hate to go to the bathroom or kitchen since it means I will probably have to engage in small talk about the pregnancy. Yes, I know they are just being nice, but I also don't think they realize how I just feel bombarded when I step outside of the main office I work in.

I'm tired of being asked "How much longer?" (too long) "How do you feel?" (like crap) "What's the baby's name?" (it's a surprise) "You're really not going to tell us?" (why would I tell YOU?) "Are you coming back to work?" (yes) "How long are you taking off?" (until you see me again) And like I said, a lot of these people ask me the same questions multiple times, so it's not like I haven't told them before.

Sorry for being grumpy about polite conversation, but my back hurts, I'm tired most of the time, and I'm just trying to get through these last few weeks without ripping someone's head off. So, the next time you see a casual acquaintance in her last weeks of pregnancy, tell her she looks great, wish her well and move on.

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