Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"I did a joke on you!"

This morning as we were getting into the van to head to daycare/work, I got Caroline strapped into her seat and saw Bryce was climbing up into his. Knowing I could run into the bathroom and back in about 30 seconds, I did. (Yes, I'm a fast girl in the bathroom and I took the keys with me!) So as I'm coming back out to the garage I hear HONK!!!!! As I open the door the the garage, there sits Bryce in the driver's seat with the biggest smile on his face and I can hear Caroline giggling in the back.

I walked in front of the van (mistake!) and Bryce honked AGAIN. By the time I got to the driver's side he was sitting there just giggling with the most mischevious look on his face. I picked him up and put him into his carseat and he looks at me and says,

"Mommy, I did a joke on you!"

That he did, that he did. He is such a little jokester and I told him that and then covered his face in kisses. I cannot resist that little boy sometimes. I think he smiled the entire way to Cathy's thinking about his honking.

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H. said...

My mom did that once (left us in the car without it running and without keys). Meghan and I hit the gear shift out of "park" and we started rolling out into traffic. My mom had to sprint after the car and throw it into park!