Friday, June 13, 2008

Here's What We're NOT Naming Our Baby

Yes, it's 2008. And yes, the 2008 Olympic Games will begin shortly after #3 is born, but guess what, we're NOT naming her Aoyun.

What is Aoyun? Well, in Chinese, it means "Olympic Games" and apparently there have been over 4000 Chinese babies named Aoyun this year already! Talk about excitement for the Olympics, huh?

Chinese Babies Named 'Olympic Games'

So folks, you can cross Aoyun off your lists as a potential baby name for us since I know several of you who are very curious to know this little girl's name. But we're not budging. However, I do have it on a certain authority that Miss Caroline might be helping us to pick her middle name. Jason told me the other day that he helped to pick his baby brother's middle name and Caroline has been asserting a certain name lately that she thinks would be a good pick for her little sister's middle name. And guess what, it's an ACTUAL name and nothing weird like Splinter. Fancy that!

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Viv said...

Awww! I hope Miss C can pick one name and stick with it or you might have a little girls with 5 middle names!