Friday, June 27, 2008

Funny Things About Bryce

Now that Bryce is approaching 3, he's getting to be even funnier than I always thought he was. He's definitely the clown of the family with all his silly faces and odd little things he says, but I wanted to put down a few before I forgot them:

- Bryce is Mr. Chitterchatter in the mornings. As soon as he wakes up, he's ready to talk to you and tell you the 649,343 things on his mind. It's why he doesn't do so well if he's the first up because there's no one to talk to. And it's not just that he wants to talk, it's his excitement for the things he's talking about at that early in the morning that just make me smile. This morning he was all excited to tell me which finger was his thumb and that the rest were fingers.

- When Bryce is eating, if you look over at him, I can almost guarantee, he has the first two fingers on his left hand will be crossed. It's something we've been noticing a lot of lately and it always makes me giggle. Looking at those chubby little messy fingers crossed, just is so endearing to me. I have no idea why he does it and when I ask him about it, it's like he had no idea he was doing it. But you rarely see it any other time of day!

- Bryce has recently taken an interest in "pee-tending" to drive a school bus. He pretends on his bed, on the deck, in chairs, all the time. And it's so funny because most of us when we pretend to drive, grip a non-exisitant steering wheel, but not Bryce. He keeps his fingers extended and just kind of moves them around and makes bus noises. I don't know what it is about the manner in which he does it, but I just love it.

- And finally, Disney World is his recent fascination. We've been starting to talk with my parents about taking the kids and when would be the best time with their ages and such but until recently it wasn't a place the kids were that aware of. Well, I think a little boy a their daycare must be going and now they keep talking about how they are going to meet him in "Didney World." Bryce pretends to drive his bus there all the time. He's also spent a good deal of time lately looking at the Disney on Ice program from when we took the kids in January 2007. I think he's getting big ideas! (I love how he always thinks that the Belle and Gaston skaters are Kevin and Kelly!)

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Katie said...

Hmmm, no updates this weekend? You are on strict baby watch girlfriend, so don't forget to check in!!!