Saturday, June 14, 2008


Well, we finally got a free minute to go and look at new entertainment centers. See, we still have one of the old "tube" TVs and Jason has been quietly itching to get a new HD flat panel TV. And with the extra money from good old GW Bush, we decided to do it. But while I'm all about letting him completely pick out the TV, I did tell him we have to have the entertainment center first and it has to be a good piece of furniture. What we have in the family room now is an old school entertainment center that only fits a tube TV or a VERY small flat panel TV. And we bought it 8 years ago and while it's still in decent shape, it was never a real piece of furniture.

We had already planned to go to my mom's for Father's Day tomorrow and when I talked to her this morning, she wondered if the kids would want to come over swimming AND spend the night. Caroline said "it would be precious" so I took that as a yes and we dropped them off before 3pm. They barely blinked as we left but they did give us each a cool, wet kiss since they'd already jumped into the pool.

Jay and I headed down to a local furniture place's outlet type place and pretty much found exactly what we were looking for right away. They only had one and we got a good deal, so we'll pick it up later this week. It's high enough that it won't be right at the kids' eye level and it's got 2 cabinets with doors so not everything is exposed. I will have to find new places for the kids annual portraits that I used to keep on top sniff but I think it will look great. We had originally been looking for a corner unit, because that is where it will sit, but after talking about it we realized that a corner unit looks dumb anywhere else and it might not always be in a corner. We really liked the piece and honestly, didn't have the ompf to go all over the place looking and the price was decent on this one.

So we paid, went home, did a few tasks, and then went out and had a nice dinner. We even finally got to watch our latest Netflix movie, Atonement. It was okay - pretty depressing actually, but I'm glad we saw it.

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