Sunday, June 01, 2008

Congrats Kevin & Kelly!

For anyone that didn't know, my younger brother, Kevin, got married yesterday. The wedding and reception were at Oregon Ridge and it was an absolutely wonderful day in which Kevin and Kelly were finally married. It was a long day since Bryce was up at 6am and we didn't all get in bed until midnight (the kids DID take naps, though) but completely worth it. The wedding seemed to go off without a hitch and all the careful planning they'd done over the past year paid off. Given their theatrical inclincation, they made the whole wedding and reception into a sort of performance including a cabaret of singers during cocktail hour where they both actually performed a duet together. Add that to lots of singing from other friends and then their final dance of the night was a carefully choreographed tango that none of us could believe!

So there are lots of stories to go along with the day but I'm too tired to think of them all right now. Midnight bedtime and a 6:30am wake up - don't my children KNOW how to sleep?

The kids dressed up and HAPPY to be wearing their finest - I was so relieved!

My parents, brother, and the kiddos. They seemed to turn up in a LOT of photos unexpectedly:

Chrissa, Kevin, & me (and baby #3):

During the ceremony - Kelly looked amazing!

I have a lot more and I'll be interested in seeing real photos in a few weeks or so. I'll share more later - we've got a post-wedding brunch to go to.


Viv said...

As an uninvited watcher of the backstage prep - K & K's wedding was storybook! You're kids were just toooooo cute in person and both seemed on their best behaivor (Kenzie kept asking to go find them) You are looking amazing for having a due date so close! We heard some singing and it sounded fun in there :) Hope my kiddies and all of their friends didn't get too noisy!

Tell your brother and his new wifey I said Congrats!

Dawn said...

Awww, Bryce and Caroline are the cutest little wedding attendants EVER! :-) Bryce is such a handsome little guy, and I'm so glad to see that Caroline wore her shoes! It looks like a a beautiful occasion. Congrats to your brother and new SIL! Your mom looked fabulous in that gorgeous red dress...and you looked great, too! Nice to see pics of baby #3!

BJ said...

The pictures look great. The kids are just adorable all dressed up. I am glad to hear that the weather was so nice. It sounds like it was just a wonderful day.