Friday, June 27, 2008


That is a common occurence in my house these days and it's all "my fault." I am constantly bonking my kids in the head and often knocking them down with this big belly. Of course, it doesn't help that they alwys seem to be underfoot but I can't tell you how often in the past weeks I've knocked them down or knocked them into something else in my regular walking around the house. It most commonly happens in the kitchen though since I'm walking back and forth trying to clean up or make dinner and they are right in the way.

My poor kids - they are certainly getting the worst of it, huh? Usually when it happens, they get mad at me, like I did it on purpose. And of course that frustrates me because if they weren't right under me (and their head at the perfect level) it wouldn't have happened either.

It's a weird thing being in late pregnancy. Yes, you've had this belly growing for months and yes, it is attached to you. But, it's so odd how you still have such little body awareness. I can't tell you how often I bump my belly into things (not kids) or realize I can't squeeze by a chair or something. And I also remember how weird it is the first few weeks after having the baby because it deflates so quickly and you're so used to seeing yourself with this huge belly.

So let's just hope that neither of my two non-uterus bound children sustain any terrible injuries as a result of their little sister's gestation. Only a few more weeks...

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