Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Blind Love

Jason and I decided, for a number of reasons, that we needed to get serious about our threats to purchase better blinds for the kids rooms. Our two main concerns? Heat and sun! Sun in the mornings for Bryce and sun in the evening for Caroline. Since we moved in 5 years ago, we've had the cheapo vinyl mini-blinds that cost a few bucks in all the upstairs windows. They were fine for privacy but did little to filter out light and heat.

We knew we didn't just want those pull down shades because we wanted some flexibility with being able to open/close them. So, Jason did some online checking and found these reasonable ones at Home Depot. They are wood "look" and white and oh my gosh, they look GREAT! He had planned on getting 8 of them for all of our upstairs windows, but while he was deciding what to get, some other customer came by, made a comment about how much she loves hers and ran off with 2 of them - leaving only 6 behind for Jason. So he got 6 of them and managed to install them on both windows in each of the kids rooms.

It was a little cloudy this evening so not the usual blaring sun of 8pm in C's room, but you could REALLY tell a difference and I'm already very curious how they'll be with the midafternoon sun and the heat in Caroline's room.

I'm also very proud of my husband who managed to install 4 blinds and not use a single curse word. See, 5 years ago when he was installing the first round of mini-blinds, I figured out that it was probably one of the most cuss inducing tasks he's ever done. When Bryce went up this evening to see what daddy was up to, I told him he needed to come back down with mommy because I didn't trust him to stay out of daddy's way and I wasn't sure that daddy's mouth could be trusted while installing new blinds. But it seems Jason was able to keep it under control while children were present.


jason said...

Yes, I was able to keep it under control. Fortunately, they were a breeze to install b/c they filled the entire width of the window, so no measuring and marking was needed.

Erin said...

Oh I love those! We got wood (not sure if they are wood or wood look actually now that you say that!) in our kitchen a year or two ago. We got them from nextdayblinds.com. Love them! And I installed them too, so I totally agree with Jason's assessment there! ;)

Viv said...

We just put these in all of our windows this past fall and we LOVE them! We too did the cheapo mini blind route for 7 years but once we had kiddies in the bedrooms we noticed we needed to change it. So these look great from the outside and do a great job at keeping the beaming sun OUT!

Bracken said...

You didn't mention the brand of blind but based on your comments/description and the look these look like the blinds we had in Georgia and we loved them.