Monday, June 23, 2008

Another Weekend in June is Done

Well, it's officially summer. I guess that means this baby is guaranteed to be a summer baby. My 2nd summer baby. :) And what would summer be without lots of things going on?

Let's see, on Friday evening, as soon as I got home from work, Jason scooted outside to get the lawn mowed while I fed the kids. Mmmm, macaroni n' cheese and edamame. They were happy, we sat and talked, and no one complained - I'd say a 4 star meal. Then after the kids were in bed my online friends and I gathered for an online chat/shower. I haven't sat on the computer that long in the evening for a long time!

Then on Saturday we commenced with the usual cleaning and house chores, of course I'm not exactly up to doing a lot right now, so I played with the kids while Jason did his thing. Caroline played on her favorite websites while I played songs for Bryce and watched him dance around like a maniac. He really has turned into quite a dancer lately. Then, Jason met his brother down at the furniture store to pick up our new entertainment center. It looks really nice but it's just sitting in the famiy room until Jason finds some time to take the old one apart. After naps, we headed to Jason's cousin's baby's 1st birthday party for a bit but we had to be home before 5:30 because Jason had to be down at the beach club since he had committed to helping with the beer truck that evening. Thankfully, my parents were happy to come over for a visit (and bring dinner!) so the kids were happy and my mom was able to help me get them into bed. I was passed out long before Jason made it home at 12:30.

Then on Sunday morning, Bryce crept in shortly after 7pm. See, he no longer crawls up into bed with us because he knows he's not supposed to wake us up for no real reason, but he went downstairs to turn on the TV and get his cup, which is the plan. The flaw in this plan is that if he's the first one up, he gets lonely because there is no one to talk to and he is so proud of himself for being able to turn on the TV and get his cup that he is BURSTING to tell someone, so he comes up and whispers to us what he did. So, yes, pretty cute, but he doesn't quite get the point of the plan yet.

So we finally all got moving and the kids played play doh while we waited for my friend, Heather, and her husband and daughter to visit. They are in town visiting/site seeing and came by for a short trip. We had never met their almost 1 year old daughter so it was really great to see them. Caroline ran around singing and acting goofy while Bryce sat at the table with us and chowed on watermelon, cantelope, cherries, cheese and crackers. The kid loves some summer fruit! And I must say, while I'm usually not a huge melon person, something about that watermelon spoke to me and I was loving it. We will definitely be getting some more at the grocery store for me - it was just so tasty!

After Heather and her family left, the kids were a bit zany so we filled up their splash pool and let them play until it was apparent they were needing naps. Naptime didn't come as easily as hoped, but they both eventually did crash and were able to get back in the pool. I took a bunch of pics but need to load them so I can post a few.

And in addition to all the busy times at home, we got a call from Jason's sister in the morning that Jay's dad was at the hospital with dehyrdration because he had been unable to stop throwing up. (His dad has some health issues that have caused this in the past but it was worse than other times.) So after some tests, it's been determined that his gall bladder needs to be removed, so at 2pm today, he'll be undergoing laproscopic surgery to remove it. Please keep them in your thoughts today - we're hoping that this surgery will help the issues he's been having lately and will make him feel better most of the time!

It's just Murphy's Law though since our daycare provider is on vacation the next 2 weeks and my mom and IL's are graciously helping us out with childcare so Jason and I don't have to take as much time off (not that we don't want to, but with the baby's birth looming, we both need to conserve off time). So the kids are with my mom today and since Jason's parents clearly will still be a little busy tomorrow, he's going to take the day off to be with them. My mom has them again on Wednesday and I had already planned to be off on Thursday. I always look forward to a day off with them, but I'm a little anxious given my physical state right now and lack of energy. But I'm trying to figure out how to keep them busy and not fighting while also not completely depleting what little energy I have.

Sooooooooooo, that's our weekend in a nutshell. Jason asked me when we'd finally have a weekend with nothing going on and I told him probably not until it gets cold again. But I don't want to think about that. I'm still loving summer.

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BJ said...

Sounds like a full weekend. I want to know where life is is almost the end of June already!