Monday, June 16, 2008

Angry Bedfellows

You know, sibling rivalry is such a weird thing. It's not constant, but when it rears it's ugly head, it's bad. However, you just never know when it will be at bay and when it will be ferocious! Take our weekend, for example...

The kids had their usual Saturday morning where they were off/on fighting and playing and I called my mom to see about coming by for some swimming. She asked if they'd want to spend the night since they hadn't in a while and because we were already supposed to come over the next day for Father's Day. So we took them over, the kids swam, were happy, and ended up sleeping ALL NIGHT in a double bed together. My mom said that as they laid down to go to sleep, Caroline really wanted to go to sleep with Bryce cuddled up against her but my mom said she didn't know if Bryce could tolerate that all night. Apparently they went right to sleep and slept until after 6am, which for them, is actually decent.

Then after swimming in the morning and then going down for early naps, both kids swam their little hearts out all afternoon and evening in the company of both sides of their family. It was a great day and the pool clearly helped all of us be in great moods. The water did wonders for my 35 week pregnant body and both kids were very happy. As we left, Caroline was clearly suffering from swim exhaustion (a degree higher than regular exhaustion, I think and we were worried about a difficult bedtime. But Jason and I kept them seperate and they both did a really good job of keeping their tired selves from fighting.

Then we put them to bed shortly after 8pm (thank you light blocking blinds!) and while Bryce called out a few times for nothing important, it got quiet and we knew they went to sleep. But when I went up at 9:30 I looked in on Caroline first and saw she was under her fleece blanket (HOT!!!), so I went in to uncover her and guess who was there, right next to her asleep? Brother Bryce. I tell you, it was one of those heartwarming mommy moments and if I had been able to take a photo w/o waking them, I would have. Not only were they cuddled up together, but he was kind of laying in the crook of her arm with his head on her arm. Jason picked up Bryce and moved him back to his bed and neither of them woke up. They clearly had fallen right to sleep after Bryce joined her because we didn't hear a peep and Bryce still doesn't have a very good volume control so we would have heard something if there had been any playing around or commotion. I will always remember seeing them all cuddled up together like that and so I went to bed with a warm heart.

But then, at 6:15am this morning, Bryce had just gotten up into my bed and Caroline was crawling up to join him as Jason was ironing and I was getting myself together to head into the shower. Just as I passed, I saw Bryce reach over and PINCH Caroline becuase he said she was in HIS bed. Jason took him to timeout and Caroline whimpered because of her pinch. After I was in the shower, I heard stomping and some yelling and found out that Bryce had continued to harrass Caroline after his inital timeout and landed himself back there again.

Where are my sweet, loving siblings from last night? If you'd seen how precious they were, you'd have a hard time believing it too. But I guess it just ebs and flows like most things in life and I can only hope that these warm moments are the ones they will remember and is a sign that they will continue to like/love one another as they grow.

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