Wednesday, June 11, 2008

And the Allergy Test Says....

I was so proud of Caroline today. I knew how much anxiety she was having about the allergy skin test, but she did so well! She tolerated the actual skin test and then managed to keep from itching the test sites on her arms for a full 15 minutes even though some of them were REALLY itching her. It helped that the lovely staff at Dr. S's office come armed with lollipops and a few random toys. So we kept her occupied with a few topics of conversation and playing with the toys and before we knew it, the time was up.

Dr. S came in and took one look and said, "Well, you're allergic to ALL the tree and grass pollens!" She's also allergic to cats (as I suspected) and horses. I have NO idea on the horses since I don't think she's EVER been near one. Unless you count My Little Ponies, but I don't think it qualifies. I'm kind of stumped on that one. Do we have some random horse hair product I'm unaware of??? But I must say, while she had a definite reaction to the pollens, she didn't have any super enflamed ones like Bryce had to oak and cat, so I'd say her allergies are mild compared to his and he's still my little allergy baby.

The other interesting thing was that on her food allergy panel, her peanut gave her a VERY slight reaction. He said if he'd done a blood test, it might have come back just a tiny bit positive, but the skin reaction was so minimal that it's not a true allergy. Which makes sense since the child lives off peanut butter. But I guess Caroline dodged that bullet. And it makes me wonder if Bryce maybe is growing out of his since his skin test to peanut wasn't that much either (although slightly more of a reaction than Caroline's).

As expected, she's on the allergy "cocktail" of Singulair, Nasonex, and Zyrtec. She's not showing any dust mite or mold allergy (yet) so like Bryce, she'll likely only need to be medicated March 15 - October 15. And he's hoping that once we get her poor, enflamed nose calmed down, that by the fall, she'll only need the nasal spray. So hopefully, all this will be under control by the next time we visit Nana and her kitties because Caroline loves them so.

The staff at the office were asking when I was due and what this baby's name is, and of course, I wouldn't tell them. But I did say that they'll find out soon enough because I'm pretty sure she'll be a patient someday, given our history. Although Dr. S said she's got a 25% chance of not having any, but based on these 2 kids, I'm not going to bet on that.


Erin said...

Heh. That's good you didn't tell them your baby name, because I would have pumped them for info the next time we were there! ;)

So funny about C's horse allergy... Ben had that one too! It's bizarro! Glad she did so well for you!

Amy Anderson said...

I had a bad horse allergy too. Thought that was weird at the time. Then we went to MN to visit Chris' dad and they have 6 horses. Yeah.

Bracken said...

My nephew has very bad horse allergies. My parents have horses and my sister and my mom use to give him a hard time because he wouldn't want to go down there. They felt bad once they realized how allergic he was to them.

Katie said...

Allergic to horses? Say it ain't so! I guess Em & C will stick to MLP's.