Monday, June 23, 2008

36 Weeks

Well, here we are at 36 weeks. Jason says my belly doesn't even look real in this one. I definitely agree it looks different than how I carried with Bryce (all over), but it is VERY real to me. Just ask my aching back and belly. Oof.

Caroline decided to help me out with this one - I wish I could hire someone just to prop it up for me all the time. And I can honestly say, we are pretty much ready for her to arrive save for a few items. We bought our first box of diapers today and the wipes and baby wash are all ready. Her clothes, except for new ones that need to be laundered are in her drawers and the bouncy seat and crib are already. We still need to put the swing we got via a hand me down together and I need to make sure the last few essential items I need are purchased. But I think we're ready. And no, my bag is not packed. I've always waited until my first OB appointment where they assess how my body is progressing toward labor before it freaks me enough to realize I better get serious. And that is this week, so we shall see.


Katie said...

It looks like you are holding a basketball under your shirt! That is adorable how Caroline is holding your belly up. Too cute. I think it is a great photo of all three of you gals!

Viv said...

You look really great! A little tired but good :) I bet by week 39 both C & B will be holding up your belly. You need to get a pic of J, C & B holding your belly - that would be cute :)