Friday, May 23, 2008

What Stands Out to a Four Year Old

Being off yesterday, I wanted just to enjoy the day with the kids, so I didn't try and get housework done like I usually do when I have an odd day off. So we left the house a little after 9am for Storyville and stayed until after 11am. (It was much more crowded than last time, but it lightened up after a daycare group left. And while it's supposed to be for the 5 and under crowd, I KNOW there were some obnoxious 6 year olds there that were not being monitored by their mothers as closely as they should!)

Then, on the way home, we stopped and got the van washed and then headed to (Old) McDonalds for lunch. The kids actually ate and we had a good time just chatting and eating. I even bought them ice cream - and they chowed on their ice cream sundaes. (This is totally something I never do, so it was a nice change of pace.) So we headed home with the expectation that they would take naps.

It took a little kid wrangling, but not too much and they BOTH went to sleep! I even snoozed for a few minutes which does a pregnant body good! Then when they got up, instead of going outside b/c it was windier than all heck out there, I asked if they'd like some homemade playdoh, which they got VERY excited about. So I made one big blob of blue and orange - per their color requests. Then we sat at the kitchen table for over and hour and a half just playing and talking.

After cleanup and an apple snack, they wanted to see photos from our wedding so we went upstairs to look through my album and at that point, Jason arrived home.

So, quite a full day. When Jason arrived home, I told Caroline to tell him what we did and you know what she told him about?

1. The fork that broke while I was cutting up her pancakes at breakfast and how I cut my finger. (and weirder, how another one broke at dinner - anyone else have any cheap utensils break yesterday?)
2. The rude boy at Storyville who wouldn't let her up in the "attic" to put away her clothes.
3. How mommy got the van all clean only to have the windshield pooped on by a bird while we were eating lunch.

Those were the things that stood out to her. Weird. I did prompt her a little more and she talked more about the day and the fun she had, but it's just funny to me what things kids really remember.


Erin said...

(giggle) ;)

Amanda said...

Sounds like you had a great day!!! Hannah calls Mcdonalds," Old Mcdonalds" too. I think that is so cute.