Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesday Photo Dump

Well, the grumpy morning did not yield a grumpy evening and we had lots of laughs tonight. I was in the picture taking mood, so I just feel like sharing:

Caroline was on a mission to catch some bugs with her bug gear:

Bryce eating some sour kiwi - I didn't realize it wasn't ripe! SOUR!!!! (And yes, he's wearing a lavendar bib. Real men wear pastels!)

This one makes me laugh - I told them to smile and they BOTH tilted their heads in the same way. I guess they're related or something...

I have a bunch of other silly bath ones tonight - they actually had fun in the tub together instead of getting in each other's way, but I'll keep the nude parts off the web. This one was cute though.

And here is Miss C in a t-shirt I brought home for her. She loves that I have one just like it.

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