Thursday, May 22, 2008

Um, thanks Caroline....

Last night before baths, I was changing my clothes and tried on the dress I'll be wearing for my brother's wedding. Jason hadn't seen it, nor the kids. I put it on and I asked Caroline what she thought and she says, very seriously:

"Well, you should put it in the trash. It looks like a piece of trash."

WTH? Thanks. I didn't realize my 4 year old was such a fashionista. Particularly because of her loud and blaring mismatching outfits. But maybe that's why she didn't like it, because it's all black.

I told her that wasn't a very nice thing to say and she could have said it nicer. Then Jason came upstairs and I told her to tell him what she thought of it.

"I think it looks really pretty."



Viv said...

Wow what a nice way to make an 8 month pregnant momma feel good right? OUCH! As long as Jason thinks you're pretty that's really all that matters though right? (And remember Caroline did want to name the baby Splinter or something right? So maybe trash is a good thing!)

BJ said...

You got to love the words that come out of kids mouths sometimes! I am sure the dress looks great.

Christine said...

OMG, that made me laugh out loud!!!! Anya would say the exact same thing, if it makes you feel any better. I hope we get to see some pics....I PROMISE not to say it looks like trash!