Sunday, May 18, 2008

Spoke too soon...

At ten minutes of 10pm, the phone rang and I had a pretty good guess what it was about. I was right. My mom was on her way to our house with Bryce who was inconsolable. All he could do was cry that he wanted his mommy and daddy. Mom said that he talked about us on the entire ride home and said, "I love them." When they pulled up, Jason went right out and I stood at the door and Bryce erupted into smiles at sight of Jason and then again when he spotted me at the door. We both got some HUGE hugs when he was in the house.

I felt terrible that both my kids were so opposed to staying at my mom's since they've done it before. But I do think that if Caroline had been there too, Bryce probably would have tolerated it better. My parents tried to keep him entertained - he talk to my brother on the phone, played guitar with my dad, and my mom promised she'd sleep with him in the big bed, but he just wanted to come home.

So you can guess that Caroline was very surprised to see him this morning when she woke up (both at 7am). They both crawled into bed with us and then laid there in between us talking, cuddling, and telling one another how much they loved each other. Pretty cute.

I know they both go through phases and I hope this resolves too. I know there's a good chance they might need to spend a night at my mom's when I go to have this baby. But then, I remember even being a little older than Caroline and going to spend the night somewhere and really missing my mom.

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BJ said...

I was really bad about spending the night at other houses. My mom had to come and pick me up several times.