Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Ugh. It's raining. Again. What else is new? It can't go 2 days without raining. Oh and it's kind of cold. My poor vegetable seedlings are still sitting out on my bakers rack on the deck waiting to be planted in my garden. I've had them for over 2 weeks and I've either been too busy/exhausted to plant them or IT'S RAINING or about to rain. I'm afraid to plant them when I know we're going to get an inch (OR MORE!) of rain. I just hope some of the bulbs I planted a few weeks ago don't rot b/c of the complete saturation of the ground. That happened to me with the bulbs I planted in November 2003. We had so much rain that fall/winter that almost all the bulbs I planted never came up b/c they likely rotted.

Thankfully, today was a day at home for the kids with my IL's so I didn't have to drag all 3 of us out in it. Although it sure does seem like it rains every Tuesday lately so they haven't been able to get out much together.

I hear that the weather is supposed to be lovely by later in the week in preparation for a very nice weekend. Not the perfect summery Memorial Day weekend we had last year, but sunshine and pleasant temperatures will make me happy. (Yeah, 62 , sunny and windy yesterday wasn't a whole lot better...)

I can handle some spring showers, but kept the temps in the 70's. At least then a rain walk isn't so out of the question. Kids do love umbrellas.

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