Wednesday, May 07, 2008

The Fate of a Favorite Seashell

Caroline has a pretty glass vase filled with all the seashells she found at the beach last year on her desk in her room. Lately she's taken more interest in it and likes to get them out and "play" with them. And it's funny since most of the shells are actually just little pieces of shells and very few are actually an entire shell. But she loves them and they bring back good memories for her.

Yesterday, when my MIL was here and Caroline was supposed to be napping, Caroline was busy in her room. Usually when Caroline is busy in her room, she's up to something. Nothing inherently bad, but usually something that isn't quite right. Well, during her busy time yesterday, she decided that her shells needed to be washed since she thought they had sand on them. (Note, they did NOT have any sand on them.) She took a few of them into the bathroom and proceeded to wash them at the sink with soap and then, one went down the drain. And according to Caroline, it was her FAVORITE one. I guess she got a little upset about it and wondered what in the world was going to happen.

When we talked about it later, she asked if another kid would find it in a lake but I told her it was likely down in a sewer right now and would probably never see the light of day again. Then when she brushed her teeth at bedtime, she didn't want to turn on the water because she was hoping that the shell would come back up. I assured her this wasn't possible since things only go DOWN a drain when it's all working correctly.

She was clearly very sad about her lost shell and I asked her to tell me about it.

"Well, it was very small and it was GOLDEN!" (Those were her exact words!)

I told her that I thought we could find another one very much like it at the beach this summer and this seemed to brighten her mood a bit. But by the end of teeth brushing, she seemed a little sad again so I told her to go and tell daddy about it while I brushed Bryce's teeth. When Bryce and I went into his room, there was Caroline laying on Jason's chest, sucking her thumb and looking thoroughly downhearted. (Of course, she was TIRED w/o a nap, so I attributed some of this to exhaustion.)

We put them to bed and I went into my room for a minute and when I came out, there was Caroline.

"I tried to go to sleep but I just couldn't stop thinking about my shell. I just keep trying to think about other things, but all I can think about is my shell." (in her most PITIFUL voice)

I got her back into bed and told her some happy things to think about and then it got quiet and I assumed she went to sleep. And when Jay and I went up at 9:30, she was indeed asleep, but this morning she told me,

"Mommy, last night I saw my friend, the moon, and he talked to me about my shell and made me feel better so I could go to sleep."

She also told me that she wasn't that sad about it anymore and that the moon really helped her. Does this kid have an imagination or what??? I love that she's still so open and honest with me and how she shares the things she's thinking with me. A 4 year old's sense of logic, magic and wonder are just fascinating to me and just endear her to me even more.


Katie said...

Aww Caroline.

BJ said...

I can only imagine if that had happened to Sydney's Kiki. (As you are aware Erika she has become very attached!) She would also be devistate :> They have such big hearts and wonderful imaginations, don't they.

Erin said...

Hey, how big was it? Did you check the trap? Maybe you CAN get it back! :) What a hero you'd be! (take it from the mom who just found the Star Wars ship that has been missing for three months!) ;)