Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Musical Beds

I barely finished my last post (scroll down to get part one of this story) when I heard giggling upstairs. Giggling from TWO little people. This time, I went armed with my camera. I crept up the steps and figured out the giggling was coming from Bryce's room this time. Sure enough, here's what I found (flash in a dark room):

It was pretty cute but still, it's almost 10pm!!!! So I told Caroline it was time to go back to her bed and Bryce said he wanted her to leave. Caroline started to throw a fit about not wanting to sleep in a room alone and I said maybe one weekend she and Bryce could have a slumber party together, but not tonight.

Before I know it, they'll be grossed out at the thought of sharing a double bed so this is a pretty finite period of time. It was really sweet to see them all cuddled up under the comforter. But I'm already realizing 6am is going to come really early for them now. Let's hope this is the end of tonight's round of musical beds.


Viv said...

How cute!

Man you have a lot of books for your kids!

Katie said...

I was like "Awwww, so cute" and then I saw what time it was and I was like "Awwww, poor E!" How did the morning go???

P.S. I shared bunk beds with my little brother during my preschool years (right up until 1st grade I think) and I have happy memories of us staying up late, giggling and telling stories to each other.

Erika said...

Yes - we have a LOT of books. We have a 3rd bookshelf in the playroom that is filled too.