Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Money Room

This just made me giggle this morning:

Every morning when Bryce is laying in our bed and Jason is ironing his shirt/pants for work that day, Bryce will talk to him about going to work and always asks him why he's going to work. (I get that question quite often too.) Anyway, I guess over the months of discussing the same topic over and over again, different things have come out of that everyday conversation. Basically, Bryce has had it described to him that one of the reasons grownups go to work is to make/get money to pay for things that we need like food, our car, our house, and of course, TOYS! Bryce will usually tell me in the morning that daddy went to work to get some money.

Well, this morning, before we left, he wanted to talk to Jason so we called him but Jason wasn't at his desk and Bryce left him a voicemail. After getting off the phone, Bryce asked why daddy wasn't on the phone and I told him that daddy must have been away from his desk doing something. To that, Bryce replies,

"Yeah, he was probbly in the money room."

I wish. Bryce certainly is getting to be more critical thinker these days.

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Viv said...

I want to go work in the money room!