Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day - Saturday/Sunday

Our Saturday of Memorial Day weekend was a nice day - we got a bunch of chores done, I ran errands, and we had a visit from our friend Lorenzo who we hadn't seen in ages. We even had FAMILY nap time where all four of us took a nap (in different parts of the house). It was much needed considering that Bryce came crawling into our bed at 5:40am. And since we knew we were going up to spend the day at my IL's on Sunday, we had a few things we needed to get done beforehand. We even finally managed to get all of our vegetables planted in our veggie garden (thank you Jason!) and summer growing season is underway! This year we have 6 tomato plants, 4 bell pepper plants, 2 cucumber plants, and 3 zucchini plants. I'm hoping for a hefty harvest and since we put down a soaker hose all through the garden, we hopefully won't let it get too dried out. (Much easier than messing with a sprinkler all the time.)

Then Sunday broke (again at 5:40am!!!) and the weather was even nicer than the day before. Still sunny with a beautiful blue sky, but the temp was a little higher and the blustery wind had stopped. I was a bit tired since I'd stayed up late making a coconut cake and finishing up the compliation of our digital videos to give to my IL's for their birthdays. Jason did our grocery store run and when he and Bryce returned we packed up and headed north.

A happy belated birthday to my MIL, Sandy and my FIL, Tom. Their birthdays are within 3 days of one another's so we usually celebrate them together. My SIL, Kelly, her husband, Jesse, and my BIL, Jeremy were all there to just hang out, make/clean up dinner and enjoy the day.

I brought said coconut cake and Kelly made an eggless cherry cheesecake for the usual birthday singing and candle blowing. (Bryce had been singing happy birthday to Nana and Big Dad ALL.DAY.LONG. so he was very happy to finally get to sing it with cake and candles.) Here they are blowing out their candles with a little help from the munchkins:

After dessert, the kids wanted to run around outside and I got this great picture of Caroline and her buddy, Kodi.

While the kids ran around outside, though, Jason was inside taking advantage of Jeremy's Wii that was now installed on my IL's TV. He was challenging Jesse to a bowling match when the kids came in and then we watched Jason, Kelly, Nana, and Jesse play a round. Of course, it looked so fun to the kids they had to play and boy, were we surprised. Not only did they both catch on, they had an absolute ball! You can see in this picture the elation on Caroline's face as Bryce knocks down some pins: (Oh and you can see Jason and Bryce's adorable "matching" outfits!)

Bryce sustained interest for a few frames and then gave up so Jason finished for him, but Caroline did it almost completely by herself except for a little bit of instruction/help from Nana to get her going. So suffice it to say, we were shocked when she bowled a 100 on her first game. Here's the final score:

But all good things must come to an end and we packed up a little before 9pm (late, I know!) and headed home. It was such a nice, leisurely day and I'm sure the kids will be just itching to get up to play the Wii again soon. And for the record, I'm not a fan of video gaming systems - we never even had a Nintendo when I was a kid, but the Wii is pretty cool and I'd be lying to say I'm not curious about the new Wii Fit package to go along with it.

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