Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day - Monday

Okay, so I'm catching up here. Well, yesterday would qualify as a "Stay-cation" - a mini vacation day where we just stayed at home. And what a wonderful day it was! The sun was shining, there wasn't a cloud in the sky, and it was WARM! So early on, Jason pumped up the kids blow up pool, put it on the deck, and filled it so it could warm a little in the sun before they got in. But, once it was filling, I knew it was going to be hard to keep them out of it for long. Sunscreen and bathing suits on, we headed out to the deck before 11am and the splashing began. The water was still a little chilly and the breeze kept them from staying in the pool too long, but we basically spent the ENTIRE day out of the deck. Jason took advantage of the 3 of us relaxing on the deck to get the yard mowed and I was able to sit with my feet up for a few minutes at a time while they played. (But to say that I really relaxed would be a stretch because anyone with little kids wil tell you that you don't get to sit for very long periods of time b/c they are constantly asking for something or needing help.)

They splashed away the morning:

And then they channeled their aunt and uncle. Here's Bryce doing an uncanny impression of Uncle Jeremy and his complete fascination with just a squirt bottle full of water. He walked around the deck and squirted at things for about an hour - bugs, bird poop, imagined dirt, and the bike:

And here's Caroline reminding me of her Aunt Chrissa and how she always used to like to lay on the warm ground on her towel. I think she was ready to go to sleep:

Then, we had a nice little lunch on the deck and I told them that naps were required and that as long as they took naps, they would be allowed to come out for more swimming later. They both complied and an hour later, Caroline was back up and ready to splash. Bryce slept another hour and then they were both back at it. Now, here's a tip for moms who want to keep their preschool aged set busy for a while. Give them water, a paint brush and a squirt bottle and let them go to town. WOW, they pretended to be cleaning/painting for almost an hour and they didn't fight because they each had their own tools. It was great to see their imaginative play and hear the things they were thinking while they were doing it.

Then, as the afternoon wound down, Jay and I started to get dinner ready but I asked them if they'd like a kiddie cocktail? Of course, they got all excited and while I was in preparing it, I looked outside to see this:

And here they are enjoying kidding cocktail hour with their yummy cherry lemonade cocktails. They certainly thought they were a big deal drinking out of those kind of cups. And Caroline even tasted her first maraschino cherry. I had to assure her it was a "candy" cherry before she would try it and after she ate it and loved it, I told her it was made from real fruit but with a LOT of sugar.

Then we enjoyed a tasty grilled salmon/shrimp dinner out on the deck and we let them splash a little more while we waited for a visit from my parents who had just returned from a trip. Unfortunately, bedtime didn't go as smoothly as the rest of the day had gone and I think the long day in the sun and constant movement yielded two tired kids who did NOT want to go to bed.

And now only a 4 day work week - I can handle that. Looks like we're going to have great weather this weekend too! I can't wait!


Viv said...

I was thinking the same thing. Our stay-cations seemed to be very nice!

I bet Kevin is as happy as we are about the forecast of nice weather this weekend too! :)

Anonymous said...

I don't really think that the grandparents arriving made the kiddies act up :-)
I think they were just in a "mood" after a long weekend of fun...even though it's not a whole lot of fun trying to help and feeling that maybe it wasn't a good idea to help. Oh well...kids are kids.

Viv said...

BTW I like you flowerboxes! Do the stay put really well? I'd like to do that on our deck but we get a lot of wind due to the townhouse effect (it's like a wind tunnel!) so I'm a little scared to put time and effort into it just so it can get smashed onto my patio below..............