Monday, May 05, 2008

Lest You Think They Don't Get Along

My post about how the kids antagonize one another was not meant to make you think that they can't get along. In fact, they often get along quite well. I think the thing that incites the most problems between them is a material item (usually a toy) or being confined in closer spaces. When it comes to entertaining themselves in other ways, they do quite well and it usually involves a lot of screaming and laughing. So not quiet, but at least it's enjoyable to watch.

I was reminded of this on Saturday morning as they stood on the fireplace hearth singing songs together and putting on a show for just me. Bryce clearly takes a lot of cues from Caroline and even sings songs with the same incorrect lyrics as she does. During this performance, they sang about 8 songs that involved a lot of hand motions and Bryce really got into it. I only wish I'd gotten some pictures/video, but I know that from trying to capture that kind of performance in the past that if I get up to get the camera, that they lose their audience and their interest. So rather than capture it for prosperity's sake, I just enjoyed it.

Then yesterday morning, I was attempting to multi-task and do laundry and clean up the kitchen at the same time. I'd drug an empty clothes basket into the laundry room to wait for the dryer to finish and then I headed back to the kitchen to clean. Well, all of a sudden I hear all this giggling and singing in the laundry room and there they were, both in the basket, having a ball.

And then this morning, they both crept into my bed as I was waking up and they laid there together watching tv while I got into the shower. Often they'll roll around and fight about who is touching who, but this morning they kind of cuddled together.

So it's not all stuff to worry about as your 2nd child catches up - it's often quite nice since they clearly miss one another when apart and there's nothing cuter than seeing Caroline run by and then Bryce following behind trying to keep up with her. Plus, when we go places, they often get along even better and entertain one another in more boring situations, so it defintiely has it's benefits. I just wonder how this will all change when baby girl is old enough to start playing along.


BJ said...

Sometimes I wish Sydney had a sibling so that she had company and someone to help entertain her both at home and when we are out. Just as anything in life and especially with kids there are the good and bad aspects of everything.

Katie said...

Fun picture!

Christine said...

We have a lot of times like that too and I absolutely love it. They're also good at holding hands when we're walking in public places-so sweet! I love the basket picture!!!!