Thursday, May 08, 2008

I have things to share....

but I just don't have the energy to get them on my blog. I've been taking a lot of pictures and videos of the kids lately doing some fun stuff, but after the kids are in bed, it's hard to get me to sit down at the computer again and upload them. Here are the things I have been wanting to share:

1. A photo of Bryce's allergy legs - poor kid, you should see what a mess his legs are from just being outside and playing in the grass. Grass laden with grass pollen and various tree pollen. He looks like he's been scratched up by a nasty old cat. They are all rashy and scraped. At least he's wearing pants today and probably tomorrow with the cooler weather, so I hope they'll heal up. At least we know that this doesn't last all summer!

2. A video of each of the kids singing Flo-rida's Low - Seriously, the kids can rattle that song off like it's a nursery rhyme. Hearing Bryce say "apple bottom jeans" and Caroline "the whole club was lookin' at her" is hilarious, to say the least. (I'm not exactly a fan of the song but Bertie and Pop Pop are and since the song is on ALL THE TIME, it's hard not to know the words.)

3. Photos of tee ball - Both kids have shown some skills at tee-ball in recent days. The funniest moment though had to be when Caroline was hitting and Bryce was fielding and she popped one up right onto Bryce's head. We all had a good laugh at that. I just enjoyed watching Jason coach them on their technique.

4. A video of hose play - the other night the kids were running around in the backyard tormenting Jason while he tried to water his baby trees/bushes. The were yanking on that hose and just having a ball giggling uncontrollably - Jason wasn't exactly enthused since they were slowing him down but it was funny to watch as a bystander and nice to see the kids enjoying one another.

Sorry to tease you with what I haven't posted - I'll try to get around to it. Especially those singing videos. My kids are hip, what can I say?

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Viv said...

Wow so your parents like "Low" huh, I would have never thought they'd listen to that voluntarly :) LOL! Such cool parents!