Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!

Hope all you moms out there are having a nice Mother's Day. Mine started at 6:30am when Bryce crept into bed with us. Not happy until we're awake like he is, he patted our faces, rubbed our hair (if we have any), and peppered us with "I wuv yous". Caroline slept till 7:30am. At least Bryce seems to be mostly over his fear of getting out of bed and just laying there screaming until someone gets up. I like this a lot better because at least one of us doesn't have to jump out of bed so quickly.

Both kids are now playing (and no fighting so far) and Jason is doing his usual weekend morning vacuuming. We managed yesterday to all run a bunch of errands together in the late afternoon/evening and even have a nice family dinner out at Ledo Pizza which Caroline declared was delicious and a fun place to eat. I was just thrilled with how well they both behaved and ate their dinner. (They are usually VERY good when we go out but actually eating at a restaurant often escapes them...)

Don't know what's on the agenda for today, especially since my wonderful husband did all the laundry yesterday. I know our vegetable garden needs to be tilled and have some peet and top soil put into it before we can plant the young tomato, bell pepper, and cucumber plants we purchased last week.

They're calling for more torential rain tonight - sweet. At least it's not supposed to start until later. They say all this rain and warmer temperatures coming up are going to equal a pretty sweet mosquito season soon. Caroline and I better take cover b/c those little buggers like to feast on us!

And just b/c they're cute a little photo montage of spring pics:


Anonymous said...

Happy Mother's Day to a wonderful mom!!!
As for the potential mosquitos I'll have to send you information about the use of Listerine in keeping the pests away.
We'll get that garden tilled!
Hugs and Kisses,
Your mother.
Caroline and Bryce,
thank you so much for the beautiful hanging plant!

H. said...

Happy Mother's Day!

BJ said...

Happy Mother's Day

Katie said...

MMMmmmm, now I have to get Ledo's for lunch tomorrow! Yummy! Happy MOM's day Eriak!