Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Guess Where Caroline Slept Last Night?

Any good guesses? Yep, in Bryce's bed....all night long. Well, until 5am.

She deliberately waited until Jason and I were asleep to go back into his bed. See, when I went up to bed, I found her in his bed again and Jason put her back and we told her she HAD to stay in her bed tonight. She threw a minor fit but I figured she understood - now I know it's because she already had it planned out to go back in. Bryce was pretty drowsy by this point and had actually been asleep.

So at 5am this morning, Jason found them sleeping in Bryce's bed together and left them alone. (Why wake sleeping beasts???) But a few minutes later, he heard the telltale sibling whispers and he went upstairs to find them awake. He put Caroline back in her bed and told her it was still early and to go back to sleep. She said okay and everything seemed okay (again, it was because she knew her plan). A few minutes later, Jason heard the whispering again and found her BACK in his bed. At this point, Jason was pretty angry at her blatant disobedience and told her that she had lost all her computer time for one week. She cried out which is what woke me up at 5:15am. Then a little creeper came into my room and got into bed with me. I told Bryce that he could stay in bed with me if he went back to sleep. He soon heard Caroline downstairs and went to join them.

Needless to say, I didn't go back to sleep. But any time a pregnant woman gets to just lay down is helpful, so I laid there relaxing until my alarm went off before 6am. It should be noted that once they were both up, they were in very good moods and getting along quite well. Lots of laughing, talking, running around.... They both got dressed without any problems and followed my instructions. And because we had extra time, they even ate breakfast with me.

But see, now we're in this weird dilemna. I don't want this to be a habit because I think it will be a hard one to break. But then I also wonder if it's just a novelty thing and soon one of them will tire of sharing their bed. Jason's idea is if someone goes into the other's bed, we put the gate on Bryce's door. Not exactly my favorite idea since he FREAKS when there's a gate on his door but we can't put on on Caroline's door since she needs to get up to use the bathroom sometimes. I also don't like how she blatantly didn't follow our directions and was so sneaky about it. And Jason is mad that I took pictures because he thinks I helped to egg them on. Great.

This is a hard one because it's not something we're very good at catching them in the act of doing because they are so quiet. If it was them coming into our bed, it would be different. And at the same time, they are being sweet and the question is what is the harm? But if it means later sleep times and earlier awakenings, that is the harm since we have to deal with overtired kids.

Why don't kids come with instructions manuals? I could really use one on this.


Kelly said...

The cuteness is so hard to resist with this dilemma!!
I really like your idea of making it a weekend slumber party. Then they have something to look forward to.
Hopefully it is just a novelity and it won't become an issue. :)

Viv said...

This is the ONE reason why I won't let my girls share a room in the future. Where I think it would be really neat and cute given their close ages but I can imagine the drama it would cause (easpecially at bedtime!) Good luck keeping the kiddies in their own beds.

(And I would have taken pics too!)

H. said...

My sister and I slept in the same bed because she was scared to be in her room wasn't a big deal because we both actually slept. I think if Bryce and Caroline keep themselves up that late or get up earlier, then you'll have to put limits on it. I seem to recall stories about you and Chrissa staying up late reading....perhaps its just genetic! Ha!

Christine said...

Sorry- no advice, but you're right about them being cute! I think if that happened here (and it very well may when they move in together soon), I'd let it go for a few days or a week and see what happens. If they settle into a routine and sleep OK, I'd let it go. If sleep/crankiness issues occur, I'd try to stop it. See- I'm no help, huh?