Sunday, May 18, 2008

Go Big Brown!

Here's how you get your kids interested in horse racing - tell them that one of the horses is the UPS horse. (They are fairly infatuated with UPS since they know it's daddy's company and they can spot a UPS logo or truck from quite a distance - it's pretty amazing!)

My dad turned on the Preakness to catch the race after dinner and the kids were mildly interested so then I went in and told them that Big Brown was being sponsored by UPS. WELL, that did it. All they wanted to see was the UPS horse. And then the race began and Bryce stood in front of the tv waving his arm and yelling "GO UPS!" He was pretty excited when his horse won. And then they were on the lookout for more UPS logos as they concentrated on Big Brown and his owners after winning.

We'll have to be sure to catch the Belmont in 3 weeks!

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