Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Get Mad or Take a Picture??

Well, in this case, I decided to go for the old heartwarming photo op:

It was just after 9pm (an hour after bedtime) and I swore I heard Bryce talking upstairs. Generally that means that if you hear Bryce talking, that they are both awake and that they are together. (Just Caroline talking probably means she's reading or playing.) I crept up the steps and headed toward Bryce's room b/c in the past, it's always been Caroline who goes into Bryce's room to read to him. But tonight, I peaked my head into his room and his bed was empty, much to my surprise. So I knew that this impromptu bedtime storytime was now coming from C's room. I popped my head in the door, saw them both cuddled up on her pillow reading and I raced (well as fast as I can go right now) down to get the camera hoping that making myself known wouldn't jinx my opportunity to get a picture of this sweet moment.

I heard Bryce say, "Where's mommy?" and worried I'd lost my chance but when I got back upstairs, there they were, still in bed reading by the light of the little blue orb creature (the photo flash only makes it look like they had a light on).

I told them it was time for sleep and I picked Bryce up and carried him back to his room and I could tell he was tired and he just snuggled down into his pillow without a complaint. Pretty sweet sibling stuff - I hope they'll remember these moments. But if not, I'll have this picture to remind them.

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Anonymous said...

There are our precious little cuties! Yes...definitely a picture for the archives. How crazy is it that I get a look at my grandchildren by way of your blog? (visually and through anecdotes) You'd think I live far away! I miss them :-(
They are so cute! I can just see them giggling and wiggling around when you took the pictures :-)