Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Fun & Games

My kids spent the night last night with my IL's - an overnight that had been planned a month ago and then we all got sick and it was deterred for a few weeks. But when I arrived home after work yesterday, the kids were BOUNCING off the walls and sooooooo excited that my IL's had arrived and they were about to head out. I've never seen them jump around so much. And while I'm always sad to see them go, I'd be lying to say I wasn't looking forward to some downtime. Bathtime/bedtime is getting more exhausting as the weeks go on and I was looking forward to not having to wrestle anyone last night. So as soon as they left, Jason and I met my parents for sushi at our fav Japanese restaurant. Oh so good! Then we headed home and that's when the fun REALLY began, at least for Jason.

See, Jason had ordered a carpet steam cleaner about a month ago and it arrived just before we all got sick. (Serendipity???) He's been chomping at the bit to use it and I think the little stains on the steps have been taunting him. But in order to use it, you really need an extended period of time where no one is walking on the carpet so that would mean after the kids go to sleep, but the darn thing is so loud, there's no WAY you could put them to bed and then do it - especially in the hallway outside their rooms.

But last night, ah yes, last night was a perfect occassion. Jason managed to do Bryce's room (and overcome that weird gray stain by his dresser) and the hallway/steps. Oh the steps! Little dots of kid dirt and some remnants of Bryce's Saturday Bloody Saturday - all erased!!! The carpet looks all fluffy and new again! So while Jason did that, I managed to get the powder room cleaned and I wiped countless finger prints off the storm door, sliding glass door, and TV. So they will all be fingerprint free for about 5 minutes after the kids get home today. I'd forgotten how nice a clean sliding glass door looks.

However, my tasks didn't take as long so I did relax and watch TV for a while, so don't think I didn't enjoy the peace. Jay still has some more stains/rooms to tackle but none so bad as those steps and I know that makes his soul just a tad bit happier.

And thank you to the weather gods for getting that cursed COLD and rainy weather out of here and blessing us with some sunshine. I've heard some rain will be back by the end of the week though although not the 44 degree weather. I really hope that this May is not shaping up to be like May 2003. I have vivid memories of that month where all it did was RAIN RAIN RAIN. I was in the throws of nausea with my first trimester of pregnancy with Caroline and we were living between our old apartment and our new house. It was cold, wet, muddy and GRAY for weeks. Worst possible timing for a new house since we had no lawn, just mud b/c they couldn't plant our grass b/c of the constant rain. We had a record amount of rain that May and in May, that's tough because that is when you want it to be glorious outside as most Mays in Baltimore are. Just hoping all of this clears up by my brother's wedding at the end of the month. I had a rainy wedding weekend and while it didn't ruin the festivities, I would have loved more pictures outside.

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BJ said...

Our steam cleaner is no longer an event we enjoy, but I can definitely say we have gotten our money's worth out of it! We are actually on to our second one and won't live without one. Our need is usually for Daisy our dog. It makes cleaning up from her accidents or if she is sick at least a little more managable. Unfortunately we have had to use it way too often!