Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I mentioned that Caroline had a stormy bedtime on Monday night, but with it came a creation that makes me giggle. During said stormy bedtime, I was in the master bathroom cleaning and when I went out into the hall, I heard some clacking on her wall that told me she was messing with the letters that are on her wall spelling out her name. I peaked in and just saw them all out of order and had to leave quickly to avoid her seeing me laugh. I told her to go to sleep and she laid down quickly. (There was further confrontation later when she kept getting out of bed, but that's neither here nor there...)

Anyway, last night as we were getting them ready for bed, I remembered to look at what she'd done and I laughed because it clearly did NOT say "Caroline" anymore. I tipped Jason off to it and he laughed too and said, "Well, it's not 'Caroline' but she did spell it correctly backwards."

And that's when I started laughing! I hadn't even noticed it, but Caroline clearly had a method to her madness. So I asked her about it and she said,

"I had to fix it because my name was spelled wrong and now it is spelled right."

Well, unless you're reading/speaking Hebrew, I don't think it's right, but it certainly was time for a photo op in which she posed in true Vanna White fashion, truly proud of her work. I told her that in English, we write/read from left to right, but that I was very proud of her for spelling her name correctly - at least from her perspective. And I told her she was welcome to leave it as it was, for as long as she wanted.

I'd always worried that having a "long" name would be hard on her, but she's done pretty well with it. (My middle name is Stephanie and I remember thinking it was sooooooo long to learn to spell!) I know kids have an easier time learning things when you set them to music, so I figured out you can spell Caroline by singing it to the tune of John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt and she quickly picked up on it and now uses it to spell her name quite often. (I love hearing her sing it under her breath when she's writing it on paper!)


H. said...

That's called "mirror writing" and kids will do that up until around age 8 or so. I once taught a student who wrote an entire one page essay in mirror writing and it looked perfectly "regular" to him. Pretty amazing!

Anonymous said...

That's Caroline!! She probably was thinking that as she lay in bed it looked backwards to her from that position so she made it so she could read it!