Saturday, May 03, 2008

Edamame - A Parent's Guide

If you haven't tried giving your kids edamame, you should give it a try. Here are some things to be aware of:

1. It keeps them BUSY!! They never end up eating a lot of it, but it really keeps them occupied in the time leading up to dinner, for an afternoon snack, or during an actual meal. It provides something for them to do with their fingers and then they will sit and chat with you while they pick at the pods.

2. It's FUN! Aside from keeping them occupied, they LOVE how the the beans pop out of the pods and often all over the place. And because they really aren't messy, a parent can't get mad at a few beans on the floor. We've had many uncontrollable giggling moments with edamame eating.

3. They might even write their own song. My kids quickly decided that edamame was "eda-mommy" and now when we eat it we always go through all our family members singing "eda-daddy," "eda-Caroline," "eda-Bryce," "eda-Bertie," and "eda-Nana." (It goes on MUCH longer but they love to think of all kinds of eda-combinations with family, friend and pet names.

4. They might suffer from edamame syndrome. Symptoms include thinking that all vegetables need to be de-podded including green beans, snow peas, etc. My kids won't eat the outer part of many vegetables anymore since introducing edamame.

5. Mommy likes it too! Yum - quite a tasty snack and much healthier than a lot of other alternatives!

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Erin said...

Oh! I LOVE edamame! I will eat a whole bag MYSELF for lunch! Simon likes it too and so does Tom. Ben can't be convinced yet... but yes, LOVE it! :)