Monday, May 12, 2008

Caroline's Mother's Day Surprise

Caroline had been telling me for a few days that she had a surprise planned for me and that she couldn't tell me about it. So she woke up yesterday morning and when Jason whispered in her ear to remind her it was Mother's Day, she immeadiately told him she was ready to do whatever it was she was planning to do.

They both went upstairs and she remained up there for about a half hour upon which time she emerged with a picture that she had drawn for me all by herself. It was a picture of my face with a rainbow all around me. She was quite proud and the excitement that she had for her creation made it all the more endearing. I gave her lots of hugs and kisses and thanked her for thinking of me. Then she whipped one out from behind her back for Jason too. I hung mine on the fridge and while she seemed happy I was quickly instructed that it was meant to come to work with me and I have happily obliged. Almost as soon as I hung it up on the fridge though, she started talking about Father's Day and I assured her it was many weeks away and I would give her plenty of notice for her prepartion.

The cutest part about it all was that Jason helped her to get her crayons and paper together and took her up to her room. He asked her if she wanted to lock the door for privacy and she said, "Yeah, I was thinking that would be a good idea." So I can just picture her up there working on our pictures and that just puts a little more joy in my heart.

Oh and Bryce, well Mr. Bryce was wishing the entire WORLD a "Happy Mudder's Day!" yesterday. I got them all day and so did Jason and Caroline. I think he even told my dad when we called over there. I guess to Bryce, Mother's Day is something for everyone to celebrate and be happy about.

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