Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bryce - Mr. Busy Sleeper

Since we moved Bryce to his big boy room a few months ago, we've noticed a bunch of things about how he sleeps. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that he now sleeps with his door open because he gets scared when it's closed. (He always slept with it closed in the nursery.)

First thing we noticed is what an active sleeper he is - he's often in very odd positions and completely on top of sheets and blankets when we peak in on him at different times. Yet what's odd, is some nights, he sleeps so deeply, he'll be in the EXACT same position we left him in at bedtime. You just never know with him...

We've also noticed that he's a sleep talker/crier. It alarmed us at first because we thought he was awake, but now we know to wait and see what happens. Most of the time he's just yelling out in his dream and settles right back down. Then, the other day, Jason was up at his usual early hour and kept hearing him kick the wall. He checked on him and he was completely asleep but kept kicking the wall every so often.

Then this morning, Jason heard the funniest thing - Bryce giggling in his sleep. Jason said he was sitting downstairs at the computer (right by the steps) and heard Bryce laugh out loud. I'm sure at first he was ready for Bryce to come downstairs, but Jason figured out quickly it must have just been a funny dream.

Almost makes me wonder if I have a future sleep walker on my hands too. He did creep into our room the other night and get up in bed with us. I was so proud of him for being so brave to get up out of bed and come to us, but I wonder if he was awake or not now that I really think about it.

We'll see, but I sure would like to hear some sleep giggles. Now there can't be many things cuter than that.

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