Friday, May 16, 2008

Beating Myself Up

I guess I've been sleeping pretty well because yesterday morning I woke up to a surprise. I rolled over and rubbed my eye and felt something weird on the bridge of my nose and it kind of stung. I got up and looked in the mirror and down the left side of the bridge of my nose and right on top of the bridge, were two large scratches. What in the world did I do in my sleep???? I know they weren't there when I washed my face right before going to sleep and I don't recall feeling any pain while I was sleeping. I'm pretty sure I just scratched myself with my fingernails - fingernails I recently filed down a good bit.

At that point, they weren't really red, just kind of crusty (gross) and sore. So I put some antibiotic ointment on them and went about my day because they were too fresh to put any make up on. I showed the women I worked with and they all got a good laugh out if it because it really does look like I got hit or scratched by something and that I should clearly remember it.

Then, by this morning, they've scabbed up more and are quite red. Bryce even thought it was bleeding. Grrrrrreat. Everyone keeps asking me what happened and can't believe I have no idea. And because of where they are, I keep inadvertently scratching them or pulling at them when I rub my eye or when I was drying my face this morning. I just keep forgetting, but then I also keep seeing the one out of the inner corner of my left eye and it's driving me nuts.

So if you see me, you'll know I haven't been in any accident and no one has been pushing me around. I just had some kind of violent night's sleep on Wednesday into Thursday.

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