Friday, May 02, 2008

Another Pregnancy Rite of Passage

Well, I'm back from the uber fun glucose tolerance test to screen for gestational diabetes which should be my last round of bloodwork this pregnancy. Really, it's not so bad and I was pleased with myself for making a 7:50am appointment at the bloodwork place because when I walked in, even though the place opened at 7:30, it was packed! But b/c I had an appointment, I got to go ahead of about 15 people. However, my happiness with the non-wait was quickly diminished when the woman taking my info told me that my doctor's office didn't mark the right box for the glucose test on my bloodwork form and marked the box above it for a liver test. Great...

Fortunately, this woman was VERY nice and told me that it was pretty darn clear what I was there for so she let me go ahead and drink the juice and that she'd call and get confirmation from the doctor's office when they opened, which was supposed to be at 9. Well, at 9am, they still hadn't turned the answering machine off at my OB's office but they went ahead and took my blood and were hoping we'd get it straightened out. I was getting angry b/c the machine said that they opened at 9am but it was already almost 9:15am. ARGH! So I tried their other office and THEY answered, so they called down to my regular office on their "back line" and they called me right back and gave the staff member the okay to do the glucose screen on my blood rather than the liver enzyme screen.

Geeesh! I'm just glad the people at the lab were so flexible b/c honestly, had they not been, I would have basically told my OB's office that I was NOT wasting another hour of my time to repeat the test. Luckily, I've always passed the GTT on my first try with the other two kids, so I'm hoping for the same result this time. I'll just be curious to see if my hemoglobin is at a decent level since I've been taking my iron every day for about 2 months. I'll be peeved if they tell me it's low and I have to take even more.

So Jay and the kids are spending this lovely day up at the IL's and I'm here at work. Which isn't so bad. I'll probably try to get out a little early since it is Friday.


Viv said...

I know you are saving days but you should have join Jay & the kids for a fun spring day! Bummer you have to work!

Christine said...

I was wondering when this was coming for you....I'm glad you were able to do it (despite the typo issue). My old OB gave me the drink at the visit prior and had me drink it before my visit and they just drew my labs. I'm so hoping my current one does the same!