Monday, May 12, 2008

30 Weeks - State of the Pregnancy

Well, 30 weeks, that means I'm 75% of the way there and we'll likely have a baby in about 9 weeks. Oh my! I still have a few things to do, but I'd say for the most part, I guess we're ready. I was able to wash all the 0-3 month baby clothes this weekend that were Caroline's and by using the auto-soak function on the washer and using Oxyclean and Clorox 2, the breastmilk spit up stains almost completely came out. Woohoo! I was starting to think this little girl was going to look like a 2nd hand ragamuffin in her big sister's old stained clothes!

Let's see what else:

- Coffee - I remember reading that Erin had to give up coffee at about 20 weeks with both of her pregnancies because it no longer agreed with her. And now it seems that at 30 weeks I have absolutely NO interest in my usual morning cup of java. I can't say if this happened in previous pregnancies because I wasn't a big coffee drinker when I was pregnant with the other 2. (It was after Bryce was born that I became addicted thanks to his constant eating in the middle of the night....) It doesn't really sit well in my tummy if I drink it now, but I also just have NO interest which is weird b/c I usually just love it and would have stopped at a Starbucks without thinking prior to this. So I'm not too bothered by this...

- Heartburn - well, it's become a hard, cold fact again. Yuck. Although I went a pretty long time without it this time - longer than I did with the other two. So lots of Tums and if it's really bad, I take a Zantac.

- Hunger - I've had several days of just being RAVENOUSLY hungry. Oh my. I'd forgotten about this part. So far in this pregnancy I haven't really felt more hungry than usual, but the past few days it's like she's kicked it up a notch. Although today I'm not feeling quite as starved. Maybe it was just a passing phase....

- Movement - She's getting big, so it's starting to become a disco in there when she's in the mood. Lots of feet, knees and elbows pushing out every which way. Caroline thinks it's the funniest thing and will hug my belly and talk to her and say "kick, kick, kick!!" Most of the time I don't mind, but sometimes she'll hit a tender spot and OUCH!

- Girth - Yep, I'm getting bigger. And for the most part it's not too bad, I just have my off days. Last night by the time we were getting ready to put the kids to bed, my belly kind of ached and I felt really tired. I'm having a harder time getting into bed with the kids when it's storytime, but they know to move over so mommy has a place to lay. Bryce will even give me his little pillow. I'm also reminded that I no longer can squeeze through small places anymore and I hit my belly on stuff all the time which kind of drives me nuts. I'm also still sleeping pretty well too but I don't want to say too much about that since I'm not ready to curse myself.

Now, if the weather would just feel like MAY, I'd be happy. Nothing like it being 44 degrees and POURING down rain this morning. I had my lunch, purse, water bottle, some paperwork, etc when I came in this morning and as I opened the door to my building, it blew open and I yelled an expletive or two. And a student gave me a weird look. I'm sorry - 44 degrees and windy, rainy, cold calls for a bad word. I was just pissed but now that I'm inside and it's warm and I feel pretty darn good, I can say the mood has passed. But it was interesting watching me attempt to get both kids into Cathy's house this morning because they both INSISTED on using their umbrellas from the van to the house. Guess who had to put them up, get them in the door and put them down??? They just liked the novelty of using an umbrella after I let them go outside in the early sprinkles of this storm last night with their umbrellas. (Another thing I have pictures of and never got to upload...)

Okay, I'm starting to ramble which means I need to stop.

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Erin said...

Good to know about the spit up stains, because, after two kids, my baby clothes have LOTS. Some breastmilk, some not... so Yay!

Also heartburn. Gah. My pregnancy nemesis. (even in front of the 40 weeks of puking I get every time) I feel for you.