Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yardwork + Late Pregnancy = Tired

After and early lunch, Caroline and I went outside to get the bulbs that she got for Easter planted. So we went to work on digging up some less than stellar daffodils who have been languishing in their performance in recent seasons (I planted them a month before she was born!) and replacing them with these assorted spring bulbs. Caroline mostly just chatted with me and then played in a corner of mulch and dirt and made a mess while I dug holes and sweated it out in the hot sun. It still kind of looks a mess but I actually did a lot. Jay cut down one of the burning bushes we've been meaning to cut down a while and I trimmed back the dead stuff on my lariope and these creeping ground cover bushes. I got those darn daffodils dug up and will consider replanting them in the fall (with all the spare time I'll have w/ 3 kids) and replaced them 3 other types of flowers. PLEASE GROW/BLOOM! Jason said he needs to put down more mulch and then I think it will look much cleaner. We need to get a hedge trimmer though and clean up the juniper bushes too.

I guess it took me about 90 minutes to 2 hours - I'm not sure but when I was done, I was exhausted, dirty and looking forward to a nice cool shower. Caroline had gone inside midway through my toil and Jason said that both kids were napping. Sweet. A shower and maybe a nap too???

I went inside while Jason started to mow the lawn and was greeted by the sound of children. Man!!! Caroline hadn't gone to sleep and Bryce was now awake and had pooped again (but guess what, it was the LAST time he went all day!!). And he was awake and GRUMPY and did not want to be changed or cleaned up. So wrestling with a screaming 2 1/2 year old to get the clothes and diarrhea off of him was more of a tiresome task than usual. But I managed and it ended with me putting him back in bed and listening to him scream some more hoping he'd go back to sleep b/c he clearly needed it. So I jumped in the shower hoping for the best but was greeted upon turning off the water by Bryce coming in with his wa-wa. He wasn't mad anymore and told me Caroline was in the bathroom. So I got dressed and we all came downstairs and they "cooked" for me in their kitchen. I was so tired that I could NOT get myself off the couch. Caroline asked to play on the computer and I consented hoping that maybe I could shut my eyes for a few minutes. I did, but it was sleeping with one eye opened because Bryce was either patting me, bringing me something, or asking me why about something. He also proceeded to pull most of the toys out in the playroom. When Jason came in, Bryce was actually sitting quietly and playing by himself and he commented on how quiet it was. But unfortunately, it had just started and I hadn't gotten any sleep.

So I got my old bones up, took some Tylenol for an aching back, and went on with the day. We both passed out on the couch after the kids were in bed and now I'm just stopping off here before going upstairs. I needed to take some Tums and didn't want to go right to bed. The heartburn has been a bit flaming lately and I am hoping not to have to lay down and feel fire in my throat. I'm not too optimistic...

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