Friday, April 25, 2008

We're Here

Well, we made it to Friday! WHEW! That means this week is behind us. I'm back at work and busy busy busy catching up from 2 days off and Jay is back too. Thankfully my MIL agreed to come down on her day off and watch the kids. Bryce still has diarrhea (although it seems to be slowing down) and so no daycare for him which means Caroline gets to stay home too. But her appetite is finally returning so I think we're on our way out of this!!

I felt much better today than I would have expected although I have no appetite so I've been having to remind myself to eat before I start feeling like crap again. Jason got to work and felt bad so he chugged a few Cokes and started feeling better too. Thank goodness for a weekend to recover completely!

I think on the agenda this weekend, my mom wants to come over and help me get the nursery together/cleaned up and go through baby clothes. I think Jay and my dad (pending weather) are going try and fix the stupid storm door we've had problems with since it was installed. So I hope it's not too busy of a weekend and we can just take it slow.

Thanks for all your positive thoughts this week! We certainly needed them. Although I must say, if it had to happen, I'm glad it happened now rather than after the baby arrives. I'd rather be dealing w/ ultra sore stomach muscles than worrying about a sick infant or trying to take care of myself, the kids and a new baby. Let's hope we don't have to revisit this any time soon! So if anyone around us in the future is presenting with what seems to be a stomach virus or food poisoning, you can bet we'll be staying VERY far away!

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