Sunday, April 13, 2008

That's It - No More Sick Weekends!

I am soooooooooo worn out. I have not managed a complete night's sleep either night this weekend and have gone to sleep later than hoped both nights. Add that to my already depleted energy and you can understand how I'm feeling. We ended up going to my IL's yesterday for dinner in between Caroline's fevers. Once we got home and got them into bed, Caroline was starting another one, but we figured a nice dose of Motrin would cancel it out. Well, at 10:30pm she came down with a 103 fever over 90 minutes since the Motrin. And the higher Caroline's fevers get, the worse she is to deal with. She wouldn't drink anything, she refused an ice pop, and just generally refused any attempt to help her. Finally, she agreed to some lime Gatorade and sipped it and then took a dose of Tylenol when it had been 2 hours since the Motrin. But the fever was still not going down. Finally, we got her back into her bed around midnight but I was awoken by Jason writhing in pain from an injury he'd sustained earlier that day down at the beach club and had tweaked somehow in his sleep. And then both kids were up before 8am. And while Bryce hasn't had a fever since Friday and Caroline's have been less intense today, they were both C.R.A.B.B.Y. and engaged in countless fights all day. Caroline did manage a long nap, which I think really revitalized her and I'm hopeful for a regular start to the week (as expected, of course).

At least we got the house cleaned, Jay did laundry, I got groceries, and we managed a nice dinner out of it. Onto next weekend, I guess.


BJ said...

Sorry to hear about your weekend. I hope the kids start to feel better and you get some sleep tonight. You must be exhausted!

Katie said...

Sick weekends are tough. ( I just had 2 in a row!) Here's hoping everyone is better soon! Are you doing anything special for J's birthday?