Saturday, April 12, 2008

The State of Our Saturday

Let's see here's what everyone is currently doing...

Caroline is laying up in our bed with a slowly decreasing fever watching Nickelodeon - it peaked at 103ish. She's already had a nap and we're forcing her to drink b/c she has a loooooooong history of not wanting to drink anything when she's sick.

Bryce is passed out on Jay's chest in the family room for his 2nd nap of the day. He hasn't had a fever today but he just has NOT been himself. You should see how bloodshot his eyes are. I think his problems are a combination of allergies and this virus. If it wasn't going to cool off so much tomorrow, I'd turn the AC on to give both kids some relief b/c they are both congested/snotty/irritated even on allergy meds.

Jay is passed out in said family room after doing some prep work down at the beach club this morning. He's working on about 7 hours of sleep from last night, so I can understand he's tired too.

Me - well, I sit here blogging b/c I know the second I sit down to close my eyes, I will be awakened by a yelling child. I mistakely didn't go to bed until midnight only to be kept awake until 1:30 by a screaming Bryce who decided to throw a tantrum and try and play mommy and daddy off of one one another. Then he started the same thing at almost 7am this morning. Hence, I'm working on about 5 hours sleep. So while Jay went down to the beach club, I stayed home and managed irritable children. Caroline's initial 102 fever from wake up had gone down and she'd eaten a good breakfast so we did a bunch reading and reading activities while Bryce kind of wandered around doing odd things. Then we watched The Aristocats while the two of them decided to pick fights with one another from time to time. Finally, at 11:30am, I took them both up for naps and they both fell asleep just as Jay was getting home. I knew I wouldn't be able to nap, so instead, I cleaned the heck out of our master bathroom and finished up as both kids woke up - Caroline with her aforementioned fever.

We are/were supposed to go up to my IL's today to celebrate my SIL, Kelly's birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY KELLY!) and Jay's birthday since they are only 4 days (and 2 years) apart. But I'm not sure if that's happening now even though it's been on the calendar for weeks. Although we might leave it up to Caroline who I know WANTS to go. So we shall see. The girl needs to drink something and keep that fever down before she's going anywhere though.

I'm sure both kids will be healthy and peppy on Monday when it's time for mommy and daddy to go back to work....a little more tired than usual.

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