Friday, April 11, 2008

Sleepy Fevers

Bryce started with an off and on low grade fever on Wednesday but we chalked it up to teething since he seemed to be attempting to gnaw his fingers off and we could feel them poking through. However, I wasn't 100% convinced since neither of my kids have ever developed teething fevers and when Bryce woke up with another low grade fever this morning, I was really suspicious and a little worried. But after a dose of motrin, he was fine and since he's completely fine otherwise, I just had to chalk it up to teething, watch how he was over the weekend and reassess on Monday if needed. And I think he's tired of mommy asking him if certain parts of his body hurt....

So this evening at dinner, we were having Caroline's favorite meal (hot dogs, veggie baked beans, and Kraft Mac 'N Cheese) and she barely touched it - plus she was saying she was tired. Now this child NEVER admits to being tired. I felt her head and BINGO - FEVER. The temporal artery thermometer said 101.4 which I only use as my barometer to see if I'm crazy for thinking they are warm and then move onto a more reliable device. But she wasn't having that and so Jason dispensed Tylenol. She laid on the couch and the fever kept up so after a bath and a quick dressing (she was shivering, poor thing!), I dispensed the Motrin to help break that fever! She's never gone to sleep so fast in her life.

It's weird because while I don't like for either of my kids to be sick, I was almost glad that Caroline came down with the same thing as Bryce since I didn't have to worry as much about what could be wrong with Bryce since it seems like it's some odd virus that makes you off/on feverish and sleepy. (Remember Bryce's sudden fever and nap at the library yesterday???) So, I'm hoping Bryce is on the mend and Caroline will be over it soon too. Let's hope for a lack of other symptoms as well. Poor kiddies. But at least we kept the fevers at bay long enough the past two days that they really got to enjoy the spring weather and play play play outside for hours!

It was cute at bedtime though, because even though Caroline was exhausted she insisted on a bedtime story but Bryce was throwing a fit because he wanted me in his room RIGHT.AWAY. So he crawled up in bed with us and I read them both a book. But he kept asking what was wrong with "Care-line" and when I explained that he gave her his germs, he wanted a better explanation of that too. But as the story was over, he apologized for giving her his germs and went to bed without problems. And we just checked a bit ago and Caroline's fever has broken, so we'll see what's in store for tomorrow.

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